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The Iris Project

The Iris Project is an educational charity that introduces the languages and culture of the ancient world to UK state schools to enrich the curriculum. It was founded in 2006 in the belief that the opportunity to learn about Classical languages, literature, histories, and art should be made available to all, regardless of background, and that learning about these fascinating subjects can be a vital tool in promoting learning across the school curriculum in UK state schools. We run a wide range of initiatives in state schools across the country, focusing especially on children in socially-excluded inner-city regions, and we also run projects which introduce Classics to adults in city communities.

We are the first organisation to design and run a scheme which delivers Latin on the literacy curriculum in state primary schools, as well as to target our project at schools in deprived regions of the UK, where literacy levels are often low and many children are on free school meals. We have worked with thousands of pupils and hundreds of schools to improve literacy, confidence and enjoyment of language through our work.

We also founded and run the East Oxford Community Classics Centre, a first-of-its-kind community hub for Classics, which hosts a wide range of talks, activities, workshops and themed events for the whole community. It also houses a large lending library and artefact collection.

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