Capital Classics

Nower Hill High School North London hub

The North London Classics Centre Hub is Nower Hill High School in Harrow, Middlesex, which will work with teachers, schools and colleges across North London from 2014 to encourage, promote and develop the teaching and study of Classics and related subjects.  The North London hub of the Classics Centre is particularly interested in hearing from local schools and sixth form colleges in North London, both those that already offer classical subjects to students and those who might be interested in offering Latin, Greek and classical subjects to students in the future.  Students at Nower Hill High School have the option of taking Latin, Classical Greek and Classical Civilisation courses from Year 9 onwards and at GCSE level.

Any schools or colleges in North London (both those with and those without current Classics provision) interested in the North London Classics Centre Hub are encouraged to contact Graham Kirby and Xavier Murray-Pollock (, the Classics Centre, for further details.

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