Capital Classics

Department of History, Classics & Archaeology at Birkbeck, University of London

The department of History, Classics & Archaeology at Birkbeck offers a unique combination of cutting-edge research, flexible evening teaching and public engagement.  Classics, Classical Studies and Ancient History are thriving subjects, attracting highly motivated and very able undergraduate and postgraduate students, many of whom are learning Latin for the first time (our MA cohort usually includes quite a number of teachers, working to enhance their qualifications and develop their subject knowledge).

Introduction to Latin is an intensive course (designed as part of the BA programme), which runs once a week from October to June.  Teaching at Birkbeck is specifically designed to meet the needs of those who have other commitments during the day (the majority of students are also over 21).  Classes are generally timetabled for 6-9 in the evening, with additional online learning support.

More information on studying ancient languages at Birkbeck is available here:

Birkbeck teaching staff (Dr Christy Constantakopoulou, Prof. Catharine Edwards, Dr April Pudsey) are also involved in delivering courses on GCSE, AS and A2 topics in Classics/Ancient History to school teachers (a two-day course was held at Birkbeck, October 28th and 29th 2013, with more planned for the future).

We are active in promoting the study of Greek and Roman antiquity more generally through subject associations, such as the Hellenic Society, the Roman Society and the Classical Association, and through TV and radio contributions.

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