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Classics for all

Classics for All (CfA) is a registered charity that raises funds so that every state school pupil may have the opportunity to study Classics.

Classics for All was established in 2010 and began awarding grants in 2011. We provide launchaid funding in order to give schools the resources and their teachers the training and support to get classical subjects off the ground. Examples of our work include schools that teach Latin acting as a hub for local schools that do not (Brighton), and universities using postgraduates to offer classical taster sessions in local schools (Bristol and Liverpool). Current funded work includes training non-specialist Latin teachers (London), initiating a new consortium of schools (Birmingham), and forging classical links between primary and secondary schools (15 schools in Norfolk). We typically award grants lasting 2–3 years, with a view to Classics being embedded and sustainable in those schools thereafter.  Classics for All invests in projects which:

  • Introduce children to the rich educational and cultural benefits, and sheer excitement, of engaging in depth with the ancient world;
  • provide schools with the most effective resources for the task; and
  • train staff to teach Classics to the highest standard.

As the lead organisation for Capital Classics, the role of Classics for All is to manage the project and budget over the next two years and work with the external evaluator (Annabel Jackson & Associates) to report on outcomes.  By the conclusion of this project we expect to be able to reference useful teaching material and examples of successful mentoring to teachers in schools across the UK who apply for a grant to introduce Classics.

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